5 Free Graphic design Services - Create Captivating Content on a Budget

“Make a great first impression!” It’s an age-old adage for a reason.

First impressions can make or break a potential relationship or change a potential employer’s decision to hire you before they even know what you have to offer. Why wouldn’t the same be true for your company? 

Many entrepreneurs, start-up companies, and companies with a modest budget have the same concern when it comes to creating a captivating brand and online presence: “Where can I find a reasonably priced graphic designer?” 

Well, while having your own designer is a great asset, not everyone has the budget for it. 

Until you have the luxury of hiring a graphic designer or creative agency, here are 5 of my favorite online software programs for design that offer FREE or budget-friendly tools to help you create the high-quality graphics your brand deserves. 




PRICE: FREE – $12.95/month (Save $35 by paying for a year upfront)

DEVICES: Desktop (Browser Based), iOS, and Android

FREE FEATURES: Basic Static Designs, $1 pro graphics

PAID FEATURES: Animation, Download as PNG with transparent backgrounds and more.

Canva is great for creating static images. For projects for social media, email campaigns, infographics, brochures and presentations, Canva is a great way to create the eye catching designs your brand needs. The browser version is my favorite as it has a user friendly interface (easier than the smart phone app in my opinion) and has amazing resources



PRICE: FREE - $14.99/Month (Averages out to $9.95 per month if paid in full for the year)

DEVICES: iOs and Android

FREE FEATURES: A decent data base of fonts, Free templates, High-quality stock photos

PAID FEATURES: Branded Content, Upload your own fonts, Access to unlimited templates and stock imagery

Since Over is a smart phone app, it is always there for you, especially if you need to make creatives on the fly.

Over, reminds me a little of Photoshop. If you are not used to Photoshop, this can take some getting used to, especially if you have to do everything on a small tablet or cellphone screen. Once you get the hang of it, however, I PROMISE you will love it as much I do. Especially if you are influencer. Your photos will be AMAZING with this app.



PRICE: FREE - $14.99/month (Save $60 if you pay for 1 year up front)

DEVICES: Desktop (app), iOS and Android

FREE FEATURES: 10 Design Templates, Publish directly to social media, Limited font and music choices, Save to device

PAID FEATURES: 60 Second videos, 200+ Design templates, Remove Ripl Logo from videos, 150+ fonts, Use your own music, Schedule social Posts

This is great for creating cute slide shows and adding animated text onto you ads and social media posts. It is simple, and I love it. The only downside is Instagram usually compresses the video the first time you post it resulting in a low- quality post. I noticed this happens with most videos that are uploaded in 1080hp. (I have a loophole for this. That’s for another post.)



PRICE: FREE - $25/Month

DEVICES: Desktop (Browser based), iOS and Adroid

FREE FEATURES: Limited Templates, Download as JPG only, Visme Brand on certain projects, All projects are public

PAID FEATURES: Unlimited Templates, Download as PDF and PNG, Charts and Widgets, Create Branded Templates and Guidelines, Privacy controls available

I love the graphics and templates. I do believe, however, that since Canva has recently added animation to their presentation and certain designs, this is just an overpriced version of Canva, but I could be wrong. I will update based on my user experience as I continue to use both.



Adobe Spark

PRICE: FREE - $9.99/Month (Save $20 by paying for 1 year up front)

DEVICES: Desktop (Browser Based) and iOS

FREE FEATURES: Basic Services      

PAID FEATURES: Remove Adobe Logo, Use Company Logo, created Branded Templates,

Alphabetically this belongs at the top of the list, but I put this last because it is not my fave to be honest. Nevertheless, I have seen some great creations out of this program.


Now get out there and break a leg (figuratively) without breaking the bank!

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Kay Frederick